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“The group absolutely loved you and the tour of your wonderful city. It was such a perfect mix of amazing history and beauty. The stories of ghostly tales were very interesting and made great visuals to go along with the sites.  Everyone was talking about it yesterday as we traveled home. I asked them what their favorite part of the trip was and they said the City tour. The Basilica was stunning. You are a wonderful ambassador for your beautiful city. We will be calling on you again for future tours!


Directions Tours

“Everyone loved the tour. It was the highlight of our trip. They all agreed that it was far better than any of the sightseeing tours that our group experienced in other cities. Thank you for including the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption. That is something that will always be remembered”


Olivia Kurtz
Coordinator    Kurtz Family Reunion

“The tour that you provided our group was VERY positively received, and received MANY compliments from the 'diversified' group called the U.S.S. Rich Association.  I heard only positive comments from individuals within the group, and most considered your tour as the highlight of this year's reunion. 

I thought that the selected sites and information provided while the tour was in progress were very comprehensive, interesting, and entertaining.  Ha!.....I even learned many new things about the city in which I've lived for most of my seventy years! Thanks, again, Margaret.  You provide an EXCELLENT service!”


Dick Koeniger                      
Reunion Coordinator
U.S.S. Rich Reunion 

Eden Park overlook 1.JPG

Eden Park Overlook

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Devou Park Overlook

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